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Magdeburg - Bad Schandau (9 days)

Magdeburg - Bad Schandau (9 days) The Elbe cycling path is among the most charming and diversified cycling tour routes in Europe. The route leads from the south of Magdeburg into the river landscape of "Mittlere Elbe". You can see the Bauhaus style in the streets of Dessau and stroll along romantic paths or admire temples and sculptures in the garden area of Wörlitz. Martin Luther hammered his 95 theses onto the castle door in Wittenberg and one is happy to wander through the alleys of the city centre. You continue along the saxon wine street to Meißen which invites you to stay longer with its enchanting old town and porcelain factory. A highlight is the Dresden with its famous castles, the Semperoper and relaxed lifestyle. Finally, you will be rewarded at the end of your cycling tour with a gorgeous view of the bizarre formations of the Elbesandtseingebirge.


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01.04.2021 - 31.10.2021


358 km

Day 1: Individual arrival at Magdeburg
You start your tour at the heart of Germany and the heart of the "Straße der Romanik". Here you can see Friedensreich Hundertwasser's last project - the "Grüne Zitadelle".

Day 2: Magdeburg – Schönebeck/Barby (about 18 km/48 km)
You leave the city through the nature reserve Kreuzhorst. Discover Pretzien with its church and the Pretzien weir, which already protects the city for 130 years. We recommend a visit to the Gradierwerk at Schönebeck.

Day 3: Barby/Schönebeck – Dessau (about 74 km/44 km)
Barby is situated at the border of the biosphere reserve "Mittlere Elbe" which is the habitat of the beaver. Your today's destination is Dessau. Here you can visit for example the Bauhaus.

Day 4: Dessau – Lutherstadt Wittenberg (about 45 km)
The journey continues along the Fürst-Franz-Weg through the garden area of Wörlitz. You have to take the ferry at Coswig to get on the other shore and cycle to Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Wander in Martin Luther's footsteps!

Day 5: Lutherstadt Wittenberg – Torgau (about 68 km)
Your journey continues through unique landscapes and past Pretzsch with its renaissance castle you reach Dommitzsch. This lap ends at the imperial city Torgau which is especially impressive due to its renaissance buildings.

Day 6: Torgau – Strehla/Riesa (about 39 km/48 km)
You cycle through Belgern which is the town with the only Roland in Saxony and further to Strehla. Visit the castle! Your today's destination is Riesa. The monastery was founded in the 12th century.

Day 7: Strehla/Riesa – Meißen (about 37 km/28 km)
After Riesa you cycle through a varied landscape. You arrive at the vineyards of Schloss Proschwitz. Visit the castle and its garden. The end of this lap is Meißen which is famous for its porcelain.

Day 8: Meißen – Dresden (about 30 km)
The journey continues to the Karl May city Radebeul. Your today's destination is Dresden. Explore the world famous worth seeing things like the Zwinger and the Grünes Gewölbe.

Day 9: Dresden – Bad Schandau (about 47 km)
This route is lined with many castles and is thus of interest for friends of culture and history. The Elbe cycling path leads you along the saxon wine street into the bizarre Elbesandsteingebirge. The fort Königstein and the bastion are among the most beautiful excursion destinations of this region. Your today's detsination is Bad Schandau which is at the heart of Saxon Switzerland.
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category B (2-3* hotels/guesthouses/B&B's)
DBL:  479 €
SGL:  629 €

category A (3-4* hotels)
DBL:  579 €
SGL:  779 €
Included Services:
- 8 nights in your selected category
- 8 x breakfast
- city tour in Magdeburg
- each room 1 information package
- certificate of security
- emergency hotline
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rental bike for 9 days     115 €
rental e-Bike for 9 days  196 €
luggage transfer (min. 2 persons / 1 piece per person)  189 €
(discounts for luggage transfer starting with 4 persons travelling together)

additional day rental bike     10 €
additional day rental e-Bike  19 €

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Bad Schandau
cat. A / cat. B
DBL: 79 € / 55 €
SGL: 99 €/  80 €

cat. A / cat. B
DBL:  47 € /  39 €
SGL:  75 € /  65 €
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